Makeup Artist Association (Singapore)


Uniting makeup artists across Singapore, providing members with opportunities to earn, learn and share.



MAAS vision is to promote widespread respect for the Singapore makeup artistry community as valued and contributing members of society while positioning makeup artistry as an attractive career path.

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About Makeup Artist Association (Singapore)

Bridal Makeup

The life of a makeup artist may seem glamorous, but it also presents challenges. Every independent makeup artist needs not only to excel at the craft but also master the many facets of entrepreneurship and business management.

Makeup Artist Association (Singapore), or MAAS, was founded in 2017 to address the challenges faced by Singapore’s makeup artistry community by building a powerful professional network designed to unite practitioners across the nation. The association was founded by professional makeup artist and brand manager Minakshi Singh Sengar, who started her career as a makeup artist in 2012 after graduating from a local makeup academy. Upon entering the profession, she discovered that the life of a makeup artist is not always easy. At the time, tough competition was driving down service rates as makeup product prices seemed to grow daily. In addition, she found few resources and no coordinated efforts to support the several thousands of makeup artists across Singapore. As a result, many talented artists struggled to grow their businesses and had no advocates in their underrepresented industry.

This observation formed the seed of what was to become MAAS. Minakshi’s vision was to provide resources to support skilled makeup artists who are not able to make a decent living because they lack the business acumen and resources to grow their enterprises. In 2015, Minakshi started convening groups of makeup artists across Singapore to understand their concerns and needs. This led to the birth of the Makeup Artist Association of Singapore in 2017, with the sole aim of providing makeup artists in Singapore with the resources to further their businesses.


One on One Makeup Consultation

  • 1:1 Makeup workshop with one of our makeup artists

    1 hr 30 min

    200 Singapore dollars


Makeup Artist Association has created several helpful courses both for professional makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. All our courses are designed by industry experts and are designed to help makeup artists in their business. We have also partnered with an Italian makeup school to provide makeup master classes online.

Covid 19

COVID-19 awareness and Control training for Makeup Artists

Be ready for business, give your customers the confidence in your capability to serve with minimum risk of infection.Take the COVID-19 awareness and control Training for makeup artists and beauty professionals NOW for USD 10 only.


Basic 'Netiquette' of Social Media Success for Makeup Artists and Beauty professionals

This course takes you through the basic etiquette of social media success contextualized for makeup artists and beauty professionals.


Be an effective makeup trainer (Basic course)

Can every good makeup artist be a a good makeup trainer? Not really. If you are a makeup artist who is interested in becoming a makeup trainer, this course is for you. The course provides basics of how to conduct an online makeup training.



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