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Unused Makeup and Cosmetics donation drive

There are, more or less, three categories when it comes to the beauty products on your bathroom shelves: the holy grail items you use until the last drop, the ones you savor for special occasions, and the impulse purchases that don't really get any regular play in your beauty routine. The good news: Your unloved lipsticks and moisturizers could be someone else's holy grail, so why not donate your beauty products?

There are plenty of charities across the country that accept new or lightly used makeup, skin-care products, and hair products. As we all know, beauty products can get expensive, and it's a shame to let something you didn't love end up in a landfill when someone else could be enjoying it.

But what about the germs, you're thinking. We know. The best candidates for donation involve items whose packaging isn't totally gnarly, so clean those spouts, chop a clean slate off that lipstick bullet, sharpen those eyeliner pencils, and give everything a sanitizing alcohol swipe before donating it. Once that's done, here are a few places you can donate the beauty products that make your heart go meh so they can benefit others. Makeup Artist association (Singapore) is accepting unused and lightly used makeup products from its members as well as members of the public. The donated products will be sanitized, sorted and sent to BABES (A helping hand for pregnant teens). As most of these moms are drop outs, these products will help them look presentable during job interviews and help them gain back their lost confidence. So support this cause as much as possible. You can call or whatsapp, Rajat on 96546495 to donate.

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